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Brad Shafer and Danny Aaronson
Speaking on Employment, Taxation & ICE Issues

All active members of the NJACA and PHEA may request a copy of the meeting with Danny Aaronson, Brad Shafer and John William’s on November 17th, by filling out the form below, and requesting a copy.
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There are several vital issues that will have critical consequences for adult nightclubs in New Jersey, that must be addressed immediately. These issues will affect all forms of adult nightclubs to include, GO-GO, Juice & BYOB. The NJACA had two of the nation’s top First Amendment lawyers at this meeting to address your concerns.

Brad Shafer Atty. Brad Shafer
Noted First Amendment and litigation lawyer. He had great success with Déjà vu nightclub & others. He is the past National Chr. of the First Amendment Lawyers Association and the nation’s top expert on Labor issues.
Danny Aaronson Atty. Danny Aaronson
Nationally known First Amendment adult entertainment lawyer from the law firm of Benjamin & Aaronson in South Florida. Mr. Aaronson’s First Amendment practice has taken him all over the country, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Georgia and Nevada.
John Williams Atty. John Williams
General Counsel for the NJACA and New Jersey licensed attorney whose practice concentrates in ABC/liquor license law and other law related to adult-nightclub ownership, management and transfer. Mr. Williams will provide a brief overview of several developments in NJ ABC, liquor liability and zoning law that effect NJACA members.

Read Dr. Judith Lynne Hanna's article on the attack
by the New Jersey Family Policy Council, Inc.
Against New Jersey adult entertainment

Click here for the New Jersey Cabaret
Association Defense Fund New jersey Cabaret Association

Click here for the Pennsylvania Hospitality Entertainment
Association Defense Fund Pennsylvania Cabaret Association

The NJACA and PHEA has defeated every bill and ordinance
it has defended for adult nightclub owners.

Bills Killed

What does the NJACA and the PHEA do for Adult Nightclub owners?

  • Makes political contributions
  • Writes secondary effects studies
  • Works with the top First Amendment and tax attorneys
  • Provides academic studies
  • Fights all negative challenges by Government, (State or Local) Religious Right Groups, and all facets of Society, looking to harm adult nightclubs
  • Tracks all bills and legislation by utilizing state-of-the-art software
  • Provides support and information, to protect adult nightclub owners and their business.
  • Provides for good community standards and relationships.

The NJACA and PHEA does not charge for any of its services for active members of the associations. The NJACA and PHEA charges $600 per hour (plus expenses) for those who are not members who seek the assistance of the NJACA or PHEA.

To find out how to become a member of the NJACA or PHEA, please contact,
Executive Director Jeff Levy at 954.253.6511
or by email at